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I fall in love with the Dobermann in 1970.In 1973 I joined the Israel Dobermann
Club and became the Breed Warden, and later on chairman.
We adopted the “German System” of controlled breeding, that is to say checking evry litter, conducting the ZTP.
I also established the Israel Rottweiler Club and adopted the “ German System “
In 1976 I became a Dobermann specialist dog judge, and later on I became
FCI International All Breeds Dog Judge.
Since 1973 I contributed many articles which were published all over the world in the major Canine magazines and the internet and were translated to several languages.
I served in the Israel Kennel Club in the following positions: Chairman of the breeding committee, Chairman of the Canine studies, Director of the studbook, several terms the editor of IKC official magazine, member of the IKC shows committee.
My first international dog show was in 1978 in South Africa since then I have judged many times International European Championship shows and World Championship shows in the following countries: Finland, Denmark, Holland,
Russia, Spain, Portugal, San Marino, Australia, New-Zealand, Cuba, Thailand,
Yogoslavia, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, Estonia, Ukraine, Canada,
Brasil, Usa, England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, ,Ukraine, ,Cech Rep.
South Africa, Belgium , Poland , India, Slovakia, Italy, Romania , Croatia .
Lately I don`t hold any official job in the IKC and I still advertise articles and shows on the web and in various magazines and Internet Web site and judging around the globe.
In these days I bought a Miniature Schnauzer.

Year of birth: 1930
Breeds owned / bred: Airedale, Cairn & West Highland White Terriers, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Dobermann, Dachshunds
Breeder since: Already Mrs. Raita's father was a breeder, so she was born in a "doggy" family. She started breeding under her own prefix in -48.
Prefix: Big Park's
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Danish
Has judged in following countries: All over Europe, USA, Canada, South America, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, Singapore, Russia
Year of first qualification: 1953
Qualified to judge: all breeds
Mrs. Raita is an honorary member of the Finnish Kennel Club and the Finnish Welsh Corgi Club. She has been awarded the Golden Medals of Honour of the Finnish, Swedish and Danish Kennel Clubs, and the Finnish Terrier Club. She has been very active in the club work, a.o.t the President of the Corgi Club for several years.